Neva Extension Table

Collection: Neva
Designers: Regular Company

Dimensions: H 76 cm x L 160 1×70, 180 1×100, 200 1×100, 220 1x100cm x D 94, 104 cm

Specifications: The Neva collection was introduced in 2013 with the Neva chair. Since then it has been one of the brand’s best selling collections and has evolved with new products year by year. The Neva table was presented at the IMM Cologne in January 2014 and the extension table was added to the collection in 2016.

The Neva Extension Table is available in 6 different types of wood, European oak, walnut, maple, elm, cherry, and pear, with various natural finishes, oils, and soap. 

The Neva table without an extension is also an option with D90, 100 cm.