Design Driven Furniture For Specifiers Calling For Refined Distinctive Pieces For Commercial And Residential Projects.

The essence of Artisan furniture is quality craftsmanship. 

Artisan produces a unique range of handcrafted furniture of which curves and craftsmanship are incomparable in Australia.  The hands of Artisans are the underlying equipment and control point in their process.  The timber is passed from the hands of one artisan to another. From the timber selection, preparation for production and assembly – through to the finishing and protection.  The precise observation and infallible touch, guarantee an individual result in every quality piece of furniture. We value you and your clients and the Artisan team are on hand to assist with your project(s) and product specifying.

For those architects, designers, decorators, and stylists who share our love for timber furniture, the Artisan production and specification team are equipped and skilled to offer specifiers endless custom design options with wood varieties, fabric colours and leather upholstery options to make your vision a reality.

For your commercial, workplace, hospitality, hotel, healthcare, and residential furniture project specifications – the furniture is designed and built for heavy everyday use.  Contact us at [email protected]


Truly Hand Crafted & expertly finished.

The hands of artisans are the underlying equipment and control point in their processes. 

The timber is passed from the hands of one artisan to another.

Timber selection, its preparation for production, the rough processing and assembling, to the finishing and protection…each step of the way, their precise observation and infallible touch guarantee an individual approach which results in a quality piece of handcrafted furniture.

Whether you are sitting on an Artisan chair, at a table or lying on an Artisan bed, be sure that each furniture piece was manually produced, assembled and protected.

Sustainably designed & environmentally friendly.

Artisan produce furniture with wood from renewable resources and utilise environmentally friendly materials for treatment such as natural oils and wax. 

The emphasis is on luxurious and organic beauty of timber texture enhancing the natural colour diversity which enables the furniture in essence to breathe.

Artisans producing furniture to adorn your living environment that is as natural as the wood from which it originated.

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