Introducing the Mela Chair

A new collection for Artisan, the exquisite Mela Chair.

The first product leading the Mela range created by the award winning multidisciplinary design studio Regular Company, for Artisan.

The Mela chair is an evolution of the award winning Neva chair. “The idea behind the Mela chair was to create a piece that has a distinctive character, combining the typology of the classic chair with an upholstered shell and the poetic beauty of a wooden chair.

The mid century inspired wood structure embraces the upholstered backrest, creating a perfect symbiosis of the contrasting elements. It was a challenge to create a chair that is suitable for both residential and contract use, which offers the comfort of an upholstered chair, but embraces the elegance and proportion of a fine and visually light wood chair. 

The modern production methods allowed the classic wood joints to be reinforced in the right sections, keeping the chair’s construction as visually fine as possible, combining stability and functionality.”  Regular Company

Regular Company is a multidisciplinary design studio working within the fields of products, interiors, branding and digital design.

It was founded in 2015, building upon the award winning work of its co-founders Ruder Novak-Mikulic, Marinko Murgic, Tihomir Filipec and their former partners and collaborators, who have been working together on various projects in the creative industries since 2009.