Sideboards + Shelving

Artisan have long been recognised and sometimes identified predominantly for their chairs…and quite rightly so for very obvious reasons! Today we want to draw your eye and to perhaps introduce you for the first time to a selection of exceptional storage options.  Practical functionality + realistic application is at the forefront of the design process – whilst of course exhibiting the unique elegance, curves + craftsmanship that we appreciate so much.
“My vision of success is creating products that will be used and enjoyed on a daily basis” — Michael Schneider, designer of the Invito Sideboard (above).

The Soft Shelf + Wall Modules are the brainchild of Regular Company for Artisan. Available in multiple configurations, timbers, colours and finishes. This versatile piece can also perform as a room divider.

The Latus Modular System by renowned Croatian designer Salih Teskeredzic provides that solution for holding + hiding the tech essentials and entertainment stations within your living spaces.